About Us

About Us

Peoples Literature Publications OPC Pvt Ltd, is a new publishing house from India. Our focus here is to be committed to widen the level of progressive global knowledge sharing with different sections of society. We are devoted to initiate a discourse through Critical, Scholarly, Intellectual and Communitarian Perspective on varied issues of concern. In a way this is a space to theorise people’s wisdom and knowledge. In addition to being a platform for original thinkers and writers, it is an effort to bring information, knowledge and wisdom.

We believe that individuals have a lot to contribute in generating knowledge. This belief has inspired us to undertake this initiative.

We understand the future, and to a greater extent the present, is the internet. We strive to fill this space with well documented knowledge to be easily disseminated.

A Space to theorise people’s wisdom and knowledge, a platform for original thinkers and writers

We publish essays, articles, and research papers, books.