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Get Published !!

We publish a range of content, catering different reading sections, to create a knowledge base. We welcome original thinkers, writers, activists, research scholars, youth and even institutions to publish their content. 

Original Thinkers

People who can see world from a different prism. Society needs original thinkers more than before, they challenge status quo, their ideas are threat to system. We would love to support and Publish your content.

Research Scholars

M.Phil/M.A. Students dissertation, research reports is of valuable importance to society & should be available to global audience. This Critical, Scholarly document when published in form of  book will help knowledge sharing.

Editorial Collective

A collection of theme based/single author articles, can be compiled and published as a book. This becomes a source of document to research and refer later by students, scholars and people who seek knowledge. 

Literary Works

A lot can be communicated through literary works. Fiction, poetry, drama, novels, short stories,.. have been favorite channel of writers, revolutionaries since eternity, to promote their philosophies, values and thoughts. 

Institutional Documents

Institutional documents are rich source of wisdom and knowledge. Peoples of the institution contribute to materialise this documents. It takes a long time, sometimes a decade, to bring out this information, thus making it a priceless.

Academic Documents

Writing to be read/refereed by a teacher and researchers or presented at conferences are vital source of global knowledge base. This enables a new generation to learn, experience and live knowledge, helping them to progress more and faster.