Proposal Submission Deadlines – 27th June 2021
Notification of Acceptance – 18th July 2021
Full Chapter Submission – 12th Sept 2021
Acceptance Confirmation Email – 15th Nov 2021

Dr Susmita Singh,
Senior Assistant Professor,
Department of Sociology,
Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi,
Uttar Pradesh, 221005.
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Mr. Neelaksh Pithauria,
Research Scholar,
Department of Sociology,
Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi,
Uttar Pradesh, 221005.
Contact No. – +91 8130492665

Email: susmitasociology513@gmail.com

Propose a Chapter


Any topic, discussion, event or imagination is not possible without women, or female, as active participators or members. Women were and are present everywhere. But, in academic discourse as well as in social discourse, women are being ignored or omitted. These discourses are highly contaminated by biased interpretations and perspectives. Women had, and have, voiced their thoughts and registered their participation in protests on both gender and general (social) issues or matters. But, under sheer pressure of women’s movement, these discourses are forced to acknowledge their presence and struggle – their resistance. They got their due respect and a chance to put a dent in the overarching system which works at every stage of their (our) life. Our book is going to focus on the term “resistance”, which is central to the theme, i.e., women’s agitation and perspective on contemporary social issues. Because, being a part of resistance means ‘getting out of the comfort zone, come on streets, and vocal on issues which matters.’ Our book is dedicated to women and their struggle, their issues and complexities, their different viewpoint and standpoint; without locating any particular moral or ideological orientation.


Resistance as a theme is a multidisciplinary field of research, providing new avenues with diverse perspectives regarding the context and theme. In this context, awareness about the role of strugglers, agitators, active non-violent preachers and practitioners the women took, not just for themselves but also for the society is highly desirable. The book will act as a reference, inspirational, and knowledge repertoire to young scholars pursuing or looking to pursue research in social science and humanities.

Target Audience

The book is targeted towards academicians, professionals and researchers working in the field of feminism, social movement, political science, sociology, policy formulation and analysis. The book will also provide insights and conceptual knowledge to graduates and postgraduate students of various disciplines.

Recommended Topics and Some Suggestions

  • MeToo movement – Conceptual understanding; Positive and Negative side; Psychological effect
  • Women and Religion – Minority issues: Veil (or Burka) Ban, Triple Talaq; Personal freedom; Hinduism and Women
  • Rape and Justice – Law and implementation; Capital Punishment; Dalit body and Justice; Media Presentation and Biasness
  • Women and Protest – Farmer’s Protest; Anti and Pro CAA protest
  • Love and Women – Religious conversion – Truth v/s Hype; Honour Killing
  • Women and Body – Body Positive Image; Surrogacy; Abortion; Single Mother
  • Women in Pandemic – Reverse Migration; Stay at home – abuse and struggle
  • Women and Academics – Struggle; under-citeable; neglection
  • Women and Politics – Disability, Queer, Dalits
  • Any other contemporary topic   

Submission Procedure

Academicians, Young Researcher (both MPhil and PhD) are invited to submit a proposal (not abstract) of less than 200 words on or before 27th June, 2021, and a full chapter of 1500 to 2000 words (excluding references and notes) before 12th Sept. 2021. Both Proposal and final full-length Chapter should be submitted through email on susmitasociology513@gmail.com. Remember, the final chapter must include the 150 words abstract and list of keywords.

NOTE: The author would be requested for a payment of (publication) Fee, post-selection of the article for this book. Details will be provided later.


  • The author will receive an acceptanceconfirmation email if their work is selected for our book.
  • A WhatsApp group will be formed to keep them up-to-date and address grievances.


This book is scheduled to be published by People’s Literature Publications. This publication is anticipated to be released in Jan 2022 – Feb 2022. 

On writing:


The proposal should –

  • give a proper framework of what your article is going to look like.
  • explain what is the key idea or the main purpose of the paper; what we know and what we don’t; how would you search or explain the answer; what you have found; why your article/ writing is important, basically your argument.

The article

  • should give arguments with supporting evidence – no anecdotes;
  • Try not to cover all dimensions, but focused on a few, and be precise;
  • We recommend you to cite as far as possible global south and under-represented scholars, such as women, Dalits, et cetera.
  • Words Limit -1500 to 2000, excluding references and notes.
  • Reference Format – APA 7th edition
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